Tuesday, November 01, 2016


Last week Nathan from Wanderers Cricket Club came to teach us some cricket skills. It was really fun. We learnt how to throw, catch, bat, and field.

Mieke's Halloween FIngers!

Mieke and her mum made some scary monster fingers for us all for Halloween. She used green cookie dough for the fingers, jam for the blood, and nuts for the finger nails. They were creepy but they tasted delicious! Thank you Mieke!!

Spring has Sprung!

We are growing sunflowers and swan plants in Room 3. We have been watching them sprout and grow. We went behind the staffroom and weeded the vegetable garden, so we can plant some vegetables and have a feast!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Jack's News

Jack's family like to go hunting. They caught this HUGE pig and had it stuffed and mounted. Jack shared it with us for his news today. Thank you Jack!

Science Fun with Mr Sardella

We have been learning about forces. We know about push, pull, and gravity. Today we had fun with sending balloons along a string using the force of push. We worked really well together and did some amazing problem solving when it didn't work.

Scooter Fun

We had lots of fun last week learning about how to ride our scooters safely. We learnt how to brake, how to cross roads and sneaky driveways, and how to fit our helmets correctly.

Friday, September 02, 2016

Room 3's Trip to the SPCA

After Kurtis' news about the lack of dog food at the SPCA, Room 3 decided to have a school wide collection. We collected nearly 60 cans of dog food, some dog biscuits, a dog bed, some old towels, and even some cat food! We went to the SPCA on Wednesday to deliver the goods! Thankyou to Brightwater School for all the generous donations, and thank you to the SPCA for all the fabulous work you do!